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Who are we?


The Hoop Heroines started one year ago when Swannie and Judith gathered around their passion: hoop dancing. From then on, they started training together and realized hoop dancing was completely unknown in Beijing. As a result, they are now launching workshops and classes to share and introduce people to this new discipline. Each of them also bring 10 years of experience in either modern-jazz and classical to give a multi-faceted approach. Hoop dancing being a flow art, The Hoop Heroines hope to bring people inspiration to express their true self.

The Hoop Heroines 开始于一年前Swannie和Judith共同的热情:Hoop dancing

从那时起,他们开始一起练习并体会到这项运动在北京并没有任何知名度。因此他们决定办一个工作坊和课程来分享并将这种新的锻炼方式介绍给大家。他们不论在摩登或是经典的爵士舞蹈都有多元的教学方法,也拥有十年的经历。Hoop dancing是一种流动的艺术,The Hoop Heroines希望可以借由舞蹈带给人们表达自我的灵感


Class introduction – Hoop dance beginner class

课程介绍 – 初级

In our monthly workshops, you will learn a choreography which combines on/off body tricks. You’ll be

performance-proof before you know it!
During our weekly classes, we focus on teaching you the basics of hoop dancing, taking 2-3 tricks as our focus for each class, to get your muscles activated and connected with your mind, in a way that puts you in an active relaxed state called ‘flow’.  In our Wednesday classes, we focus on individual needs& desires, with a tailor made lesson plan and take-home practice materials!
In our Sunday classes, we ll teach you a choreography in which you not only learn how to combine the tricks you learn, but also work towards a great performance!  During both of these beginner classes, as well as in our workshops, we will focus mainly on teaching you the basics and giving you a glimpse of what hoop dancing can be(come) for you!

在初级课程期间,我们将主要教导基本动作,让你了解Hoop dancing可以为你的身体带来什么感受,你可以学习用身体技巧编舞。

Hoop dance不是我们想像中小时候玩的呼拉圈喔,呼拉圈是拿着一个圈在你的腰上转啊转,Hoop dancing則是一个全身性的身体锻炼,也是一个很棒的抒发压力的方式喔!大家一起转起来!

Class Time and schedule: 


Every Sunday 10:30-11:30. Beijing Salsa Club, Baiziwanlu 32 area.

每个周日10:30-11:30,Beijing Salsa Club, 百子湾路32号附近。


Workshops: Sundays 16:30-18:00, next one coming up: To be announced.  Location: Ms. Uptown, Chaoyangmennei, B/1 151, Bldg A, Galaxy Soho, Dongcheng District

每个月的长事课:每个月周日,下午16:45-18:15点,下一课:9月24号。地址:东城区, 南竹杆胡同2号银河SOHO A座 B1-151房, 朝阳门内.



✽ Hoops will be provided

✽No previous dance/sports experience needed/required

✽Sign up for a class and/or workshop by adding us on WeChat!


Contact for registration for classes and workshops:

Contact person: Swannie ? 斯王尼

WeChat ID/微信号: Ninisnowy


Still wondering what Hoop dancing is or how our classes look like? Then check out one (or all) of the links below!

WeChat group/微信群: Hoop dance class-TheHoopHeroines

Weibo/微博: TheHoopHeroines

Instagram: the.hoop.heroines

Facebook: The Hoop Heroines

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Class Time and schedule:  课程时间: ·       Every Wednesday evening, 18:00-19:15 (Summer period: outside classes, area: Olympic Park, autumn and winter period: inside a dance studio, location TBA.) 每周三,18:00-19:15, 晚上。夏天的时候在欧林匹克公园南门,秋天/冬天的时候在室内。 ·       From September: Every Sunday 10:15 - 11:15. Location: Flow Creative studio, Guanghualu 44. 从九月份开始,每个周日10:15-11:15,Flow Creative Studio, 光华路44号。 ·       Workshops: Monthly, Sundays 16:45-18:15, next one coming up: September 24. Location: Ms. Uptown, Chaoyangmennei, B/1 151, Bldg A, Galaxy Soho, Dongcheng District 每个月的长事课:每个月周日,下午16:45-18:15点,下一课:9月24号。地址:东城区, 南竹杆胡同2号银河SOHO A座 B1-151房, 朝阳门内.

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