Jingwu kungfu – Shaolin Temple Summer Camp

Kungfu ; Chinese Martial Arts

We teach: Kungfu, Sanda Boxing, Tai Chi, Qigong.

Next Summer Camp: June 24th to July 20th 2019

Traveling to Shaolin is an incredible experience that helps you discover another culture not seen in the big cities. Every year thousands of youngsters leave their village to train for years in the hope of becoming a kung fu master or an action movie star.
You train, learn kung fu, interact with those kung fu master in training; learn how to concentrate, to focus, to use the mind in kung fu training.
You will eat in the school or at the temples, talk to the monks, understand Shaolin (Zen) buddhism, immerse yourself in Shaolin culture.
Come to discover another way of life, it is a journey you will never forget!

Martial arts is part of Chinese heritage, develop a child’s self-confidence, teach him to focus and concentrate, it is a very complete sport both physically and mentally. We teach traditional martial art. In traditional martial art each movement of the routines, whatever they are, can be used for defensive or offensive purposes. The Shaolin style builds moral character, strengthens the body, develops coordination of the limbs, increases agility of the mind and the body as well as enhancing speed of movement. It trains wushu skills to such a degree that victories can be gained in all forms of conflicts. We tailor our classes to the age of the students to keep our classes interesting. We also organize competitions between schools and participate in Chinese national competitions to encourage children to try to excel and of course, they are always proud to show their parents their achievements; at the end of the year, we always organize a show for the parents to see their children’s’ performance.

Our Beijing Locations:

Jingwu Kungfu – Liangmaqiao

Jingwu Kungfu – Indigo Mall, Lidu

Jingwu Kungfu – Beijing Riviera

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Monday -Sunday : 8am to 11pm

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