October Holiday Camp at Atelier

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Atelier will present a Signature Holiday Camp on the theme of The Middles Ages full of history, fun and creativity during the October Golden Week! We have a half-day option for the younger group (5 to 7 years old).

What is An Atelier Signature Camp? 

It is a full-day camp having fun in learning both Art and Fablab classes focused on a big subject. The Signature camp will open to the students starting at the age of six and plus.

  •  Dates: 10/1-10/5
  • Location: Sanlitun & Shunyi
  • Courses taught in English
  • Max 8 students/ class

Travel through time & Discover the Middle Ages! 

During the Art Classes-

Highlights on: Art, History, Design, Architecture

Techniques: Modeling, Stained Glass, Painting with different medium (gouache, markers, color pencils…)

During the Art Camp, students will explore the Middle Ages through history, art, architecture and culture.

Students will-

  • Build a castle following the ancient architecture principles
  • Discover the art of stained glass
  • Create the coat of arms of their clan

During the Fablab Classes-

Highlights on: Medieval mechanisms, siege systems, 2D design, laws of motion

Techniques: Woodworking, Medieval mechanisms (gear, belts, cranks, cams), 2D design

During the Fablab Camp, students will learn about kinetic, potential energy and laws of motion so they will be able to design and build a medieval castle with defense system made of mechanical principles.

Students will-

  • Build a real fortified castle with a wooden drawbridge and portcullis
  • Siege machines like trebuchet or catapult
  • Learn 2D design on an engineering software and make a wooden shield with the engraving of coats of arms
  • Learn and install easy light systems

In addition, students will test and modify their creations with various parameters such as counterweight, mass of projectiles and try to reach a target.


6-7 yo (half-day camp)

  • Art (10am-12pm)
  • Camp fee: 1800RMB

6-7 yo (full-day camp)

  • Art (10am-12pm) & Fablab (1:30pm-3:30pm)
  • Camp fee: 3500RMB

8+ yo (full-day camp)

  • Fablab (10am-12:30pm) & Art (1:30pm-4pm)
  • Camp fee: 4000RMB


Sanlitun Campus-

  • Address: Room 502, Building 8A, Ju Long Hua Yuan, Sanlitun, Dongcheng District
  • Tel: 010 6416 1614
  • Wechat: atelier_apas

Shunyi Campus-

  • Address: 204-205, Building 2, Central Park, No.16 Road Yufeng, Shunyi District, Beijing (Go to F2 from Entrance A of Commercial Buildings)
  • Tel: 010 5686 4243
  • Wechat: ateliershunyi

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