Modern Etiquette Courses

You represent Yourself! Be the best version of it!

Good behavior and manners are never out of style!

Etiquette is meant to be a guideline, not a set of strict rules carved in stones. If you practice proper etiquette, you are less likely to offend or annoy people – and you may even charm them. 🙂

Etiquette is not only for royals, and it’s way beyond the how to use the fork and knife?.

> Etiquette provides personal security.

> It protects the feelings of others.

> It makes communication clearer.

> It enhances your status at work.

> It makes good first impressions.

I offer various online etiquette courses in English, and in Hungarian.

The session fees are calculated for 1 on 1 sessions, so you are the only person with me online, but in case you would join with a smaller group, please contact me and I will give you a special, discounted group price.:)


Country Focused and Modern Business Etiquette

Key topics include:

> How to dress and behave (also online) – Basics guidelines
> First Impressions Across Cultures
> Global Introductions and Forms of Address
> Body Language and Gestures Across Cultures
> Adapting Your Handshake
> Business Card Protocol Around the World
> Modern Communication Styles
> Communicating via E-mail/chat
> Gift Giving in international business environment and in social settings

Fee: total 90 EUR, which includes 3 x 1 hour online session


Personalized coaching

Struggling with a new place? New country and/or a new job? Target specific questions? With the private coaching sessions you will receive on target, customized training that guarantees you’ll find your place and present yourself as a polished business professional as never before.

This is tailor made, so I will design the course according to your needs.

The personalized consultation fee includes:

Fee: 30 minutes free consultation + 40 EUR/hour


NEW! Virtual Events Etiquette

We tend to think that protocol and etiquette is something that we need to know when dealing with official governmental meetings. However,  etiquette and protocol should be exercised at every event. While on one hand etiquette is a set of rules how we interact in our society with each other, on the other hand, protocol is a set of rules to facilitate the organization of official events. Applying these rules, event organizers, participants and clients can raise their events’ standards, give the best impressions and provide the outstanding experience for guests and  VIPs. This is very important, today we are having all our meetings and events online.

Key topics include:

What rules are still relevant in the virtual world?
How should we behave at an online event when our camera is on?
What are the etiquette rules only valid for virtual events?
How to make long-lasting connections for participants online?

Fee: total 65 EUR, which includes 1,5 hour session.


My name is Gabriella Kanyok. I’m a passionate diplomatic protocol, etiquette and communication expert with more than 10 years’ experience in working with EU institutions, NGOs, international organizations, and supporting professionals. I don’t only master the subject of diplomatic protocol and etiquette, but I also lead the communication department of an international organization. I hold two master degrees in my fields of expertise, and speak Hungarian, English and French.

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