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I took my first yoga class in Argentina where I was born and grew up, more than 15 years ago.

I initially fell in love with Ashtanga style but life, many injuries and my nomad lifestyle made me interrupt my practice many times.

I always felt philosophy as my true passion and even if I finished my studies in Argentina of marketing and business management, I always continued studying philosophy, history and alternative health therapies on my own.

I returned to the mat once I moved to Spain for few years and again work, many travels and then my first newborn, were priority, so I left the mat for a while, at least my practice was not that committed.

Living in China a friend made me step back into the mat but this time my practice gained a different depth. At the beginning I had no intention to teach, I wasn’t able to give too much since I  needed to heal myself more. But few years later I started to question my career that was totally against to what I had deeply and truly believed my whole life. This time I could see it clearly, and suddenly everything finally made sense to me, I wanted to share with others what Yoga gave to me and helped me in so many different ways along my life. So I took my first yoga teacher training at YogaWorks in 2017 and got my 200 Certification by Yoga Alliance. Finally I had a voice and I was ready to share my passion with everyone interested in Yoga.

I consider that there is no evolution possible inside our comfort zone so playing on the edge (but not further) is necessary to past our perceived physical and mental limits and allow transformation to take place.

Yoga has given me the tools to face life challenges and old patterns and see them clearly in order to grow every day.

I believe that each body is different, so Yoga will be experienced in a different way by each person and I always encourage my students to honor their uniqueness with compassion.

Our actual world so standardized “image” focused, make people to think that Yoga is something that should look in a certain way but actually is something felt individually. I hope that my students can look beyond the physical and use their whole practice of yoga to deepen the connection with one’s true self.

Because I had so many injuries during my life due to push too far my Yoga practice, my classes are Vinyasa Flow style with a special care of good alignment and proper sequencing in order to keep safety as a constant. It is said that injuries are our best teachers but I personally don’t recommend that path…although I learnt from them most of all to be more humble and compassionate with myself.

While I have studied with many Yoga teachers throughout Argentina, Spain, Thailand, USA and China, I consider that my two daughters have taught me more about myself than anything.

I can teach in English, Spanish, French and basic Chinese.

Please fell free to contact me to know more details.

4 reviews

  1. I met Sabina in a pool where she was reading the Yoga book. A year after I met her at the same place, but this time I asked if she knows any good place for Yoga classes. I was so happy to know that she was the one who holds the classes. But it was a first time when I really felt YOGA and it was in her class. I could feel how all my body muscles was sleeping before and woke up after the class. it was a very good experience. and it was a first time when she as the one leading the class asked me about injuries I have to be extra careful and avoid traumas. I really hope later on I have enough time to continue classes with Sabina.

  2. Amazing yoga teacher

    Sabina is an amazing yoga teacher, dedicate, attentive and professional, always adapting her teaching to the person in front of her in order to allow a safe practice and to help each one of her students to improve at their own pace, while respecting both body and mind. If you are looking for a great, professional and compassionate teacher, she should definitely be your choice!

  3. Great and dedicated teacher

    I met Sabina a few years ago and I can say that she is very focus and dedicated to everything she does. From her passion while studying Chinese, to her passion for yoga. She is not only a wonderful teacher with great knowledge of what she is doing but also a wonderful person. I totally recommend Sabina if you really want to get into yoga and need a good teacher.

  4. Sabina is amazing!! She made me LOVE Yoga! She emanates peace and good energy. Thank you so much Sabina for everything you teach me day by day ?

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