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A complete system for self healing and transformation ♡

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TaoYoga Arts is a Modern Expression of the ancient Taoist Arts of Mind-Body harmony that uses gentle movement, stretches, breath work, visualization and meditation to balance, harmonize, strengthen and heal the body.

TaoYoga Arts System includes in-depth methods of self-healing, self transformation and spiritual development – all are presented in a modern context, yet follows the Ancient Theory & Formula of the Past Taoist Masters of Old.

TaoYoga Arts cultivates and awakens the “Qi” or the Universal Healing Energy within the practitioner – bringing one to a subtle state of harmony, health and balance. Qi Energy can be thought of as the underlying essence of all life, all form and literally the very fabric of the entire universe.

. . . Tao Follows The Way Of Nature . . .

Benefits of TaoYoga

  • Transform the Body & Gain a deep level of Flexibility
  • Increase Healing Energy in the body
  • Help one to feel more youthful, positive and vibrant
  • Gain the experience of a Still & Quiet Mind
  • Balance the Hormonal System
  • Activate and Develop the Energy Centers
  • Gain a beautiful and youthful radiance
  • Deepen one’s Heart Connection with Nature
  • Develop Inner Harmony & Peace
  • Unify Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Heal Emotional Trauma
  • Strengthen the Immune System
  • Empower the Aura Field
  • Gain a deep relaxation
  • Gain a happy and healthy condition in daily life


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*Registration can only be done through https://yoopay.cn/host/96848768?showevent=1

Location: Satya Yuga Beijing Chaoyang Disctrict Xingfu Yichun Xili Building 10 Unit 4 Rm 101 北京市朝阳区幸福一村西里10号楼4单元101室

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Fridays 6-7:30 PM

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