Taoist Martial Arts, Philosophy and Culture Classes

Taoist art of living and kungfu

Health, spirituality, self defense.

An ancient Taoist tradition past down for generations only in temples and few families. Yin Yang, Five elements, Eight trigrams, rebuild your body according these principles, make your body strong, calm down your mind and heart and nourish your life through the practice of Wujiquan.

Theoretical and Practical Introduction to Feng Shui, Yin Yang, 5 Elements and Qigong

At the beginning we will have a short tour around park and learn how to choose a place with good Feng Shui for outdoor practice in connection to yin yang and 5 elements.

We will learn how trees can help our practice, what kind of trees are best for practice and what kind of trees should be avoided.

We will practice Six Healing Sounds from Taoist Internal Martial Art Wujiquan, to tune our internal organs, learn how to communicate with them and how mother earth can help us clean and transform energy of negative emotions stored in our organs.

We will also learn how to use the healing sounds and inner smile during everyday life to control stress, anger, fear…

Six Healing Sounds belong to so called life nourishing methods. This method is based on the knowledge that every internal organ has its unique vibration and by tuning into the right vibration through sound we can make the organ stronger and healthier. This method is also based on the circle of mutual production of 5 elements, which is Metal (Lungs), Water (Kidneys), Wood (Liver), Fire (Heart), Earth (Spleen), the 6th sound is for the Triple burner, which contents all solid and hollow internal organs. Through continuous practice, you will be able to tune in your internal organs, get rid of toxins stored inside, and transform negative emotions stored in organs into positive emotions. For example sadness and depression stored in lungs can be transformed into courage.

Date: Every Wednesday 10:30-12:30

Location: Ritan Park

Price: 150 RMB

Min. 2 and max.10 participants.

Regular classes:

Monday: Ritan Park 10:30 and 18:00

Tuesday: Forest Park 12:00

Wednesday: Ritan Park 12:00

Thursday: Ritan Park 10:30 Xinglong Park 19:00

Sunday:  Xinglong Park 10:30 and Forest Park 14:30

Saturday 10:30 free class in Ritan Park

Price:  50RMB per class.

For serious students who want to attend more than 2 classes a week is possible to pay monthly fee 350RMB and attend all the classes during that month. For new students available after attending at least 10 classes during one month.

These long term regular classes are taught in traditional way, outside in parks, where we can connect with nature. Students of all levels practice together and help each other progress and grow.  Class starts with life nourishing and qigong practice in group, then individual practice of forms. At the end those who are interested in self defense and fighting skills practice push hands (form of wrestling in internal martial arts).

This practice is beneficial for muscles, ligaments, joints as well as internal organs. Through continuous practice one can balance yin and yang in body (which means to balance the internal organs, as well as the right and left, lower and upper, back and front side of the body) master the coordination between different body parts, preserve health, joyful mood and calm down the mind. It is suitable for adults of all ages.

One of the aims of these classes is also to train future instructors of Wujiquan, students who have mastered the basic curriculum will have the opportunity to assist in the class and even to become indoor disciples, which will allow them to represent and teach Wujiquan.

If you are interested in Chinese martial arts, feel free to contact me

Wechat: Breznan

3 reviews

  1. Health,balance and happiness 😀

    I‘ve been practicing Wujiquan since almost one year and realized that during this time I feel healthier, emotionally stronger and more focused . I attend the classes at least twice a week, and each time more I see the benefits that Wujiquan brings us . In the future I’d like to become a indoor disciple so I can spread wujiquan around the world.
    Fernanda Wendland .

  2. I discovered wushu kung fu when I was 31. Started with the internal style and then included also external styles. At the beginnig I became more flexible and got better coordination of my body. Unfortunately after 6 years that was all I could achieve so I thought I need to practise more so I put more and more time in to the excersise thinking that you have to. Suddenly I met master Yu and Marian and the other students and tried wujiquan. This turned my whole worl upside down. The benefit of this martial art was totally out of this world. It helps me to calm down, get strenght, get healthier and understand what it meens to practise the inner martial arts. You can feel the diference already after a short time. I am very thankfull that I can learn wuji and enjoy its benefits. For me is wujiquan definitely a traesure.

  3. Wujiquan

    I was doing martial arts for more than 20 years. I started to have problems with elbows, spinal cord, internal organs due to non-balanced training methods. Fortunately Marian met master Yu and they started to spread Wujiquan also out of China. I can only recommend this system to everybody – you can strenghten your body, health, self-defense, better understand and know yourself…According my previous experiences this system belongs to close group of systems which are realy functioning. Good luck with Wujiquan

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