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I am a qualified yoga therapist and yoga teacher in the Desikachar tradition. I have more than 2000hrs of training and 4500hrs of teaching experience.

My teacher and supervisor is Dr Natesan Chandrasekaran,  a Western medical doctor and respected authority on yoga therapy. Dr Chandrasekaran was the director of the yoga therapy department in one of the few outpatient yoga clinics in the world at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram for more than a decade.  His experience in medicine and in the yogic healing process enables him to practice and to present an astonishingly effective blend of the western medical system with eastern traditional healing practices.

I teach private yoga therapy classes as well as small group yoga classes. I teach all levels of practitioners.

I teach yoga therapy  to assist people facing a range of chronic pain problems as well as anxiety, stress and depression.

I believe that quality instruction can only be delivered when classes are small and when students are committed to coming for a fixed period.  This way, I can get to know how you move, can see where your strengths and weaknesses are, and can work with you towards better health.  Group yoga class numbers are always restricted to a maximum of 6.

I teach Hatha yoga, yoga for back health, yoga for neck and shoulders and Ashtanga yoga. My classes are often recommended by medical professionals.

Classes are held near Raffles Medical.

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  1. Yoga with Yonnie changed my life

    I did yoga before, but never took it seriously, mostly as another type of sport. Oh little did I know. I truly believe, the right Teacher changes the perspective, the whole mindset in fact. I joined the class in 2015, and it was time for me to add some “mindfulness” to my practice. Yoga with Yonnie made me healthier and happier, to say the least. I’ve found a perfect Master, a great listener and a true friend, all in one person, not to mention my flexibility increased and all tension and pain were gone. I tried different types of classes and different times, and every session I would be back, ready to be enrolled. Yonnie guided me through my pregnancy as well. I have never dealt with the professionalism of that level before. Exceptional! Plus the size of the group (no more then 6 people) was always making it very personal, sacred. Cozy atmosphere and sandal wood in the air, it was a great practice. Always.

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