Media Kit 2020

Touch Beijing by Radio Beijing International

Our Founder Tanya was invited to share her experience as an expat in Beijing and the story of *YouTube video – if you are in China, turn on your VPN 😉

Touch Beijing is Radio Beijing International longest-running program, broadcasting live from 5pm-6pm every Monday to Friday. Since the first show aired in 2001, the aim has been to give their listeners the latest news and views from China’s capital. The program is in English, reaching out to the city’s expat community, Chinese people who want to improve their language skills and overseas listeners. Their mission is to inject lively debate and fun conversation into Beijing’s rush hour …and they have succeeded, if we may say so 😉 You can hear the program with the wonderful hosts Kat and Brian, online at or tune in to 92.3FM or 774AM.

“WeChat Groups We Love” by Beijing Kids Magazine

Our Expat Activities & Classes WeChat Groups were featured 2 years in a row as a great resource for expats in Beijing. Thanks for the cudos BeijingKids!

“Looking for activities for expats and other fun things to do in the city? This group (Expat Activities & Classes) will provide a unique selection of things happening and is also great for promoting anything you may have going on that might be exciting or fun for Beijing’s expat community. To be added to this group add moderator WeChat ID: GloberWeb” 

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