Our Story


expat adventure beijing chinaAfter arriving to Beijing, I found myself starting a new life at a place so wonderful but so incredibly different than everything I knew. As an expat, you have to build a new social circle, make new friends, learn a new culture and how to function in it… So I started looking for classes in Chinese culture, language, traditional arts and so on to understand my new home and meet new friends.

The challenge…

I found this task to be difficult. First, I tried searching online but since most of the venues are small businesses, they were hard to find in search engines. I had to keep asking everyone I meet if they would recommend a place. It all came to be a word-of-mouth game… but the tricky part is: when you know few people, you have few options.

The beginning…

This is how GloberWeb.com was born – out of necessity. A necessity to have one place where expats can search for cultural classes, gyms, sports, arts and many other activities catering to the expat community, tested and recommended by other expats.

I would encourage everyone to, please, get involved! Share your experiences and feedback so the community would benefit and the future newcomers will have a “softer landing”. Let’s make a difference!

Our Mission

We are committed to creating a space for expats to share experiences, learn, grow, meet new friends and HAVE FUN!

expat adventure beijing china