China: Cultural Immersion Program

One Month -> 8 Classes & Activities -> 16 hours of Discoveries -> This November, gain the tools to successfully navigate your new home, communicate effectively with locals, make some new friends and unforgettable memories. Thrive as an expat in China.


One Month -> 8 Classes & Activities -> 16 hours of Discoveries -> This November, gain the tools to successfully navigate your new home, communicate effectively with locals, make some new friends and unforgettable memories. Thrive as an expat in China.

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Cultural awareness is key to thriving as an expat. It gives you the tools to successfully function in a new environment and to communicate effectively with locals, make some new friends and unforgettable memories.

After discussing these topics with many expat coaches, psychologists, expats who have been through it and, of course, reflecting on our personal experiences… The idea for this program was born as a way to alleviate the “new beginning” challenges, the culture shock effect and help you get a “softer landing”, smoother cultural transition – to help YOU get a head start and make the most of YOUR expat experience.

Throughout the program you will:

  • Learn ways to effectively manage cross-cultural transition;
  • Experience local culture hands on to get understanding of your new home, its people, its values, its worldview and how to communicate along those lines;
  • Alleviate the effects of Culture Shock through preparation and interaction;
  • Gather tools to use that new knowledge to grow personally and professionally;
  • Ask questions and discuss in a small group where your teachers are locals and/or seasoned expats who will share their own experience;
  • Have fun and meet some new friends!

Activities Schedule & Details:

Every Tuesday & Saturday of November, 10am-12pm Beijing Time, online

“Language is the Roadmap of a Culture”

Every Tuesday of November, 10am-12pm: Chinese Classes

Chinese Language can be intimidating but it can also be really fun to study. Getting some exposure to the language through these Chinese Survival Classes will give you an insight of what to expect and prepare you for some typical situations you will encounter in your daily life. We have structured the classes so the topics also relate to the Cultural Activities you will experience on Saturday of that week.

Familiarity with the language will give you an idea of the local logic of thinking, the manner of interacting and the way to communicate effectively. It may even inspire you to learn more!

Activities & Workshops

Every Saturday of November, 10am-12pm Beijing Time

Saturday, November 7th 10am-12pm: Expat Coaching Workshop

We will discuss effective ways to handle cross-cultural transition, reflect on your own personal standpoint, acquire tools to help you adapt and enjoy this expat experience, reinvent yourself and thrive as an expat.

During this session, we will go in detail on how to use each immersive experience from this Program to the greatest benefit for your personal and professional growth. Together, we will continue the conversation throughout the entire Program within our own private group so you can get the most benefit of each activity, building up on it and sharing additional resources with you.

Saturday, November 14th 10am-12pm: Cooking Workshop

Cuisine is one of the main cultural elements that open our eyes to the society. How and why certain meals are cooked on certain holidays, the myths, the flavors, the table manners and some simple recipes you can impress your friends with from the start… then take with you anywhere you go. It is a delicious way to navigate a new culture!

Saturday, November 21st 10am-12pm: Traditional Chinese Arts of Painting & Calligraphy

Art is an expression of Chinese values and norms, a way of thinking and perceiving the world, which are relevant to this day. During this immersive art session, you will participate in a holistic experience while creating your own masterpieces (no artistic experience required). Your teacher will lead you through the evolution of calligraphy, the initial brush strokes used in both Calligraphy and Painting, all the way to the complete work and it’s meaning.

The Calligraphy portion will focus on Fu – the concept of happiness, the philosophy behind it and it’s use nowadays. Then, we’ll flow into the Painting portion with the image of Bamboo – learn it’s significance, it’s projection into the values of Chinese people and discuss other meaningful images portraying the philosophy of China from antiquity to today.

Saturday, November 28th 10am-12pm: Chinese Martial Arts – Yang Style TaiChi

This will be no ordinary TaiChi session. During this 2-hour experience, your teachers will give you a grounded introduction of Yang Style TaiChi – its origins and how it ties into the physical and spiritual reality of Chinese society even in today’s modern environment.

You will learn the first 8 movements of the Yang 24 Step, fundamental postures of Chinese martial arts, traditional Chinese breathing exercises and even see first hand their application in action.

GloberImpact : Giving back to the communities we live in.

Part of the proceeds from this Program and all other sales on will benefit Educating Girls of Rural China (EGRC)

In collaboration with: The Nomad Choice, Culture Yard, The Hutong, SuRen Ink Studio, Cultural Keys

Additional information

Online Mode

All Classes & Activities from this Program will be provided online via Zoom.

Materials/Details: Chinese Classes

Workbook and materials will be sent prior to each class.

Materials/Details: Coaching Workshop

Details will be sent prior to the workshop. Prepare to take notes.

Materials/Details: Cooking Class

We will cook 2 traditional Chinese dishes together while discussing the cultural elements related to this experience.
Ingredients & kitchen tools list will be sent to you prior to the class.

Materials/Details: Art Workshop

What you need to prepare…
Option 1 – Basic set:
1. Drawing Brush – ideally Chinese style where all tips of the brush are together (instead of oil painting or watercolor painting one)
2. Black Watercolor Paint
3. White Drawing Paper
Option 2 – Traditional Chinese Arts Set:
1. Chinese brushes: 3 brushes as a set for painting, includes small, middle and big size
2. Chinese Sheng Xuan Paper: Pure white paper for Chinese painting, paper with square lines for calligraphy
3. Chinese Ink
4. Chinese Calligraphy drawing felt mat
*available at various online retailers

Materials/Details: TaiChi

Wear loose clothes and flat shoes (or bare feet).

Cancellation Policy

Transferable only in full (cannot be divided and/or shared with others).
If unable to attend a particular class/activity, recording will be sent to you.

Additional Information

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