Useful Tips to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution

Make it happen!

Happy New Year! Have you set your New Year’s Resolution yet? Is it the same one from last year? Let’s see how we can make it fun and effortless to achieve our goals this year. Here are some tips on the 3 most popular resolutions to guide you along the way to SUCCESS:

New Year's Resolution


Many people default to thinking of it as “going to the gym more” aka getting on the treadmill and the other conveniently set machines. Well, while that may work for some people, for the majority of us it turns into more of a chore… and come February – March, we naturally drop it.

What if, we found an exercise that is exciting to us and we can’t wait to go again? What if we are so challenged by it, that we can’t wait to keep seeing the results? What if we find a community of individuals who enjoy a sport so much that it inspires us to want to get better?

What if the “what ifs” were true? Wouldn’t you stick to your New Year’s Resolution naturally?

Our suggestion is to Modify Your New Year’s Resolution:

“Exercise More”  ===>  “Find a Sport I Enjoy”

That opens the door to experimentation, excitement, fun and healthy lifestyle. Maybe you can start with trying a new sports activity every couple of weeks. Go to it a few times so you really give it a chance or even try the same one with different instructors or at a different venue… until you find The One!

Once you discover a sport you are passionate about, achieving your New Year’s Resolution becomes a non-issue.


Great idea! What would that be, thou? Some people analyze so much what to do that at the end, the year passes and still nothing. Here are some practical approaches to successfully completing your resolution:

  • Explore the options “hands on”

You don’t have to be an artist to create art. Commit to trying different artistic areas to see what would fit you best, what would inspire you and make you want to go back. Maybe, you’ll even discover a talent you didn’t know about. Added benefit to this approach is that with every try, you open yourself to the possibilities, your creativity grows as you get exposed to different styles, textures, approaches so with time, creative activities become more and more enjoyable.

But first, you have to commit to trying!

Get it all on your calendar! Assign specific days/times of when you would go to the workshops, establish the particular area you want to explore each month – different painting styles, pottery, collage, sewing, calligraphy, cooking, photography, etc. Diversify and open your mind to what’s out there. That will lead you to your passion so you would learn and enjoy it.

  • Find an emotional connection

Think about your family roots… Was there an art or a hobby your favorite grandparents did? Why not try that? You already have background in it, you remember it from your childhood… so try to learn more about it and maybe you’ll learn more about yourself in the process.

Learning a new language can also become a passion. Which language? Maybe that of your grand-grand parents so you go back to your roots. Maybe that of a country you once visited and fell in love with. Or maybe that of a country you want to visit next. Find that personal connection and the passion for the new skill or hobby will naturally follow.

  • The More – The Merrier

Get some friends on this creative exploration journey with you so you can inspire each other, discuss freely, experiment without judgment and with a lot of humor until you all find a new passion, a new skill, a new hobby to commit to.


Eat Healthy

That one is tough! It requires discipline and perseverance. We better first ask ourselves: What would inspire us to do it? (aside from the obvious health benefits). Different people have different motivational cues. Let’s explore some of them:

  • Knowledge

The more we learn about something, the more motivated we become to follow thru.

Take the time to understand what “eating healthy” really means. We all know the general terms but do we really know what it means for us? Different people require different “eat healthy” routine based on body type, lifestyle, qi level (from Traditional Chinese Medicine), etc. Learn, research, speak to professionals so you understand what is healthy for YOU. Try bits and pieces as you discover more and more, observe how you feel and this will give you the motivation to continue.

  • Competition

If you know yourself as a competitive person whose motivation grows as the competition progresses… well, turn this New Year’s Resolution into a friendly competition. Recruit your partner, co-worker or friend and get creative with the terms or just base it on “number of healthy meals per day/week”. That will add extra spice to your challenge and motivate you to develop a healthy routine that will push you thru the finish line.

  • Creativity

Challenge your creativity in the kitchen. Defy the common misperception that healthy is not tasty. Experiment with ingredients, share your creations, take some cooking lessons for inspiration and… Bon appétit! and our community are here to help! Browse the website, GO and explore the activities, classes and workshops. Try, enjoy, meet others, join the community! Set your goals and let us help you reach them! started as a community project to help expats discover and enjoy their new home-away-from-home. Together, we immerse in local culture, stay healthy, learn, meet new people and have fun. 

Along the way, we discovered that venturing into activities and workshops has even deeper benefit for people. It is a way to foster creativity, boost innovation and imagination. Let’s continue to build our community and inspire each other.

What’s your take? Follow our Creativity Booster blogs and tell us what you think in the comments below…

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