Dance can boost your thinking skills…

How living abroad can clarify your sense of self, how to improve your soft skills, boost your career prospects and more inspiration for the week ahead...

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Learning a new dance can boost your thinking skills. According to Harvard Medical School research, each dance step involves exercise, socialization, and a challenge, all of which can help boost thinking skills as it stimulates the brain to stay sharp and agile. • Browse available dance classes around you.

Soft skills are in short supply, according to hard data from LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report. Their advice is to “build your communication skills to stand out”. That applies equally to entrepreneurs and those who wish to climb the corporate ladder. Most importantly, they advise to learn to add stories to the mix as “humans are wired for story” according to researchers. How to do that? Watch and learn, read books, take improv or theater classes, practice. • Browse available theater classes around you.

Living abroad can clarify your sense of self and lead to clearer career decisions, according to a research by a team of social scientists at Rice University, Columbia University and the University of North Carolina. The expat experience triggers self-discerning reflections in which people face different cultural values and norms of their home and host cultures. These reflections are helpful in discovering which values and norms define who people are and which simply reflect their cultural upbringing. As a result of the clearer sense of self, there is an enhanced clarity about the types of careers that best match an individual’s strengths and values. Having a clear sense of self then becomes increasingly important in today’s world with its wide range of available career options, according to the researchers. • Browse available activities around you to understand your home and host cultures better


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