How & Why You Should Think Like a Kid

Kids as role models.

In honor of International Children’s Day, I thought I would write down a few lines on why we should consider kids as our role models. Yes! Role Models! For the incredible creativity they display every single day! For the amazing ideas and uninhibited freethinking we can only envy.

Did you know that kids are creative geniuses?

This is not an assumption. It has actually been proven. According to a research done by George Land and Beth Jarman, using the same creativity test they devised for NASA to help select innovative engineers and scientists, KIDS showed astounding results. The experiment was performed with the same children when they were 5, 10 and 15 years old. That test was also given to adults. The results were published in the book “Breaking Point and Beyond”:

So, yes, KIDS should be our Role Models for creativity!

We should ask ourselves: “What can we do to turn-back-time? How can we gain some % points back?

I did some research and there are many suggestions out there, supported by science and truly helpful to boost creativity and innovation that can be used in business and life… I’d like to focus on one of them, brilliantly put by none other than Albert Einstein:

“To stimulate creativity,

one must develop the childlike inclination to play”

That’s right – PLAY!

Dr. Carlson explains this in a great way during an interview for the article “Why You Should Have a Child-Like Imagination”: “Practice in pretending helps you come up with alternative ways of being – and of seeing an issue – and results in more creativity and better problem solving”.

How do we practice pretending? Daydream, act, improvise… play!

It is not as easy, however, for us adults to pretend. After all, we are used to certain behavior, norms and situational analysis that is very difficult to shake off. Who practices pretending in their adult lives? Actors.

If it is difficult for you, the adult, to pretend and play situations in a different light, as a different character, then take an acting lesson. Learn to develop a character, get into a character. What would your character do? How would your character think? Practice makes perfect. Maybe, you will learn how to pretend and play and think creatively… and eventually… get some of those genius %s back… After all…

“Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”

~Alber Einstein started as a community project to help expats discover and enjoy their new home-away-from-home. Together, we immerse in local culture, stay healthy, learn, meet new people and have fun. 

Along the way, we discovered that venturing into activities and workshops has even deeper benefit for people. It is a way to foster creativity, boost innovation and imagination. Let’s continue to build our community and inspire each other.

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